Let it all hang out at Wellness Hotel Smetana in the center of Dresden

Wellness and Spa - Relaxation for body and soul

The well-being of our guests is the "Hotel Smetana" Dresden Zetrum in the first place. Nicely set spa where you can relax and recover from it all. Leave your worries behind and enjoy with all your senses and calm atmosphere that surrounds you. In the sauna or a massage, you can relax and recharge your batteries. In order to offer you in our hotel in Dresden a wide range of body and mind, we work closely with the Naturelle Beauty Salons & Day Farm and the body time Dresden.

Relax in the sauna - Holidays in Dresden

Our in-house sauna invites you during your vacation in Dresden to linger and relax. The temperature of the sauna can be set individually, which aims to ensure that every body can in, perfect for him sweat heat. A cozy bathrobe and slippers and bath towels are sufficiently provided to you by the "Hotel Smetana". Enjoy after a long sightseeing tour of the residence city of Dresden or a trip to the nature, relaxation and rejuvenation of extensive sauna visit. To increase your recovery success, we will serve you drinks on request at the spa. We want to make your stay in one of the best hotels in the center of Dresden as beautiful as possible.

Relaxing massages and spa treatments in the center of Dresden

While vacationing in Dresden has the opportunity to thoroughly take care of body and mind, what is often too short in everyday life. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage and soothing spa treatments at our competent partners Naturelle Beauty salon and body time of Dresden, which can both just a few minutes from our hotel in Dresden. To the offer of Naturelle Beauty Salons include classic cosmetic treatments, beauty treatment equipment, as well as Ayurvedic treatments that and will promote the harmony of body and mind. The Body Spa times in the center of historic Dresden, among others a variety of massages from classic to unusual up. For questions regarding the applications yourself to contact us. We are happy to arrange on request appointments for a massage or other spa treatment.